Coaches Corner with Michael Humphrey

11/4/2021 / Posted by Staff

1. Give us a background of how you got into coaching XC and/or Track & Field. It started after I came back from the Marine Corps and went out to my Alma Mater to visit. I started helping out and never stopped coaching track and field to this day. I then moved into AAU Track and field and was coaching both not being paid for years. Today I still coach both high school and AAU track and field. I am a USATF Track and Field Certified Official, USATF Level I Coach, and by this weekend I will be a USATF Level II Coach (Sprint, Hurdles, and Relays) 2. What inspires you to continue coaching the sport? Improving the lives of young athletes. Not just in track and field but in life, the classroom, and even at home. I teach them life lessons that they can use in track but making them a better person and then watching them grow up and work with others and continuing the cycle. 3. Give us a memory that has stuck with you through the years. Seeing the look on an athlete's face (that you have gone back and forth with) when they realize that they can be successful and when the athlete and their parents thank you for it. The best feeling as a coach 4. What differences have you seen in the program since you've been HC? The work ethic of the Ladies that did not believe that they could win. I talked with them and gave them the overall plan, I changed the classroom behavior, I changed the grade requirements to A’s and B’s, and at the end of this second year after Covid they were the 4A Region 5 Conference Runner-up. The ladies now have the will to compete at a high level and they are now entering other sports to help them and they are now holding their teammates and themselves to a higher standard. 5. What's your take on the direction of High School XC and/or Track & Field in Arkansas? I think it is improving some but I still feel that the most emphasis is placed on football and basketball and even baseball/softball to some degree. I feel like more emphasis should be placed on cross country and track and field. Coaching Accolades I have been a part of 5 State Championships, 2 State Runner-ups, 14 Conference Championships, and a few conference runner-ups. I have had 2 athletes as AAU National Champions-AAU Jr. Olympians-AAU All Americans. I have coached several AAU Men’s 4x100m top 5 relays in the Nation (2nd place twice, 3rd place, and 5th place twice nationally) 2017 5A East Coach of the year Track High School track coaching for 18 years (Official and volunteering) AAU Track coaching for 16 years

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