Coaches Corner with Ricky Hicks

10/7/2021 / Posted by Staff

Give us a background of how you got into coaching XC and/or Track & Field. In 2014, My mentor urged me to get into coaching track and field dating to me, “I know you love football. But do not be a ‘one trick pony’ learn to coach something else.” The rest is track and field history. It has become a true passion since then. What inspires you to continue coaching the sport? There is nothing more gratifying than taking kids who know absolutely nothing about the sport and would not otherwise be competing in it, and molding them into legitimate track and field athletes that grow to love the sport. Give us a memory that has stuck with you through the years. Other than winning and assisting kids in earning scholarships, the greatest memories I have are kids that come up to me by the end of the season and request to be legs on the 4x8 and 4x4. Races they ran from at the beginning of the season, they eventually ran to. What differences have you seen in the program since you've been HC? When I began as Mills Head Coach there were 6 boys on the team the previous year. We finished with 25 this year. My kids now look forward to the challenge of competing. What's your take on the direction of High School XC and/or Track & Field in Arkansas? I believe that Track and Field is headed in a positive nuanced direction in the state of Arkansas. It is regaining traction, interest and participation. Coaching Accomplishments 8 years experience as of this year Coach of the Year 5A Central Conference 2018 Conference Championship 2018 Conference Runner Up 2017,18,19 25 Academic and Athletic Scholarship Athletes 2017-2021 Assisted in Coaching Jada Baylark to Gatorade Athlete of the Year, Triple Jump Record setter and Heptathlon Winner-2016

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