Coaches Corner with Drew Yoakum

9/9/2021 / Posted by Staff

1. Give us a background of how you got into coaching XC and/or Track & Field. It was part of the job when I was hired at Fayetteville, I did not know alot but learned and had some great athletes that helped. 2. What inspires you to continue coaching the sport? I enjoyed seeing the success of the athletes plus the impact our programs have on kids that do not have opportunities in other sports. We try not to cut kids and our goal is to make all the athletes feel the same and a part of our team. I love telling parents we give everyone a chance to be successful, with a place to belong and develop life skills and friends. Track is more than winning; it allows kids to have a place to go and be wanted by a group. My inspiration comes from the athletes that come back and tell stories about their time on our team. 3. Give us a memory that has stuck with you through the years. The track story is I had a top athlete best in the state in the 100 he slipped out of the blocks in state prelims and was behind the group by 8 yards but had the ability not to give up and still win the race. We try to have a good time in practice and the meets but what also sticks out is how we have helped kids when they could not afford the PROM or looking for ways to get to college, and just help them graduate high school. 4. What differences have you seen in the program since you've been HC? The biggest difference in our program is the number that take part, when I started we had around 40 for both teams but we have around 135 on both teams. Track has become important to many kids in our school and that is a difference we have over many others. 5. What's your take on the direction of High School XC and/or Track & Field in Arkansas? I believe that many school tracks are not as important as they used to be. The numbers are down and spring football, 7 on 7 and AAU sports are becoming larger. Championships (State) 20 state championships between football.track indoor and outdoor Multi All State Athletes 3 Gatorade Player of the Year 6 Track athletes of the year AAA Coach of the Year Gill Southern Coach of the Year USTFCCCA Coach of the Year, Arkansas Prep Track Coach of the Year 26 Years

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